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Micheal Talbot-Kelly (MTK) takes a holistic approach and blends it with the wisdom of storytelling. His approach spans across psychology, physiology, neuroscience and mindfulness.



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February 2019


This month marks a year since we started dealing with Covid-19. How are you doing? For many of us it’s been a long, long struggle. At first, we thought…OK we can do this…just buck up, stay at home and wash…

Holistic Psychotherapy & True Meditation

I am a body with two arms…literally and figuratively.  One arm is Holistic Psychotherapy. The other is True Meditation.  Both work together as one entity …an entity full of joy and self-expression. Today I want to explore these two arms…

How Meditation Frees You

I have a question for you. Do you know how meditation frees you? We are constantly being encouraged to meditate…especially now…it’s promoted as the way to balance our life, make us feel more joy and get through this challenging period…

Compassionate Self-Care

The Holidays are upon us! We’ve just had the Winter Solstice bringing with it the great relief that from here on, the days are going to get longer. And there’s going to be more and more light!! Hallelujah!! It has…

Holiday Message

Have you noticed that people seem to be putting up lights earlier this year? I have and I think it’s because… we need more light! We have been through a long period of darkness, stress and for some, tragic loss….

Relationship Resilience in Challenging Times

We are in them….these challenging turbulent times!! There is no question about it. We’re in deep. And I think we all know, these challenges are going to be around for a little while longer. This isn’t the first time the…


This is a difficult thing to talk about—it’s an even more difficult thing to experience. And yet, as with most subjects you and I get into….there are two sides to consider. Of course, there’s the obvious aspects of experiencing trauma…the…


We all want results, right? Isn’t that what all the ads talk about…back as far as the travelling snake oil salesman…”Results are what we’re after folks! And results are what you’ll get! That’s my guarantee …just sign here.” But it’s…

Darker Matters

This is a very dark time. We are surrounded by stories of death, violence, threats and deeply felt sadness and anger. Racism abounds in so many forms – cultural, societal, personal.  It is a deeply disturbing time. And it has…


Ready for a quiz? What the difference between a spiritual life and a meaningful life? Time’s up. The answer is ….hardly anything. They are essentially the same.  (Sorry about the trick quiz….you know how I am!) A spiritual life involves…


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