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Micheal Talbot-Kelly (MTK) takes a holistic approach and blends it with the wisdom of storytelling. His approach spans across psychology, physiology, neuroscience and mindfulness.



#101-1529 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 1R1

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Email: [email protected]
Phone: 604-317-1613

Natural Gifts are innate resources within each of us. When we give these Gifts to meet a meaningful need in the world, we live with more joy and a deep sense of meaning and purpose. Each of us is born with the seeds of these Natural Gifts within us, however, many people are not aware of their existence… and so these seeds lie dormant and unfulfilled.The Natural Gifts Society’s mission is to assist in the awakening of one’s Natural Gifts so each of us can live with more joy, passion, fulfillment, meaning and purpose.


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