Generally speaking I help inquiring and successful professionals suffering from a midlife crisis, cancer, or a loss of faith recover their meaningful vitality, genuine prosperity & passion in their relationships.

More specifically I provide three areas of focus:

1. “Wholistic Psychotherapy:” I help alternative health seekers who struggle with mind, body and soul symptoms find wholistic solutions and healing to overwhelm, depression and cancer

2. “Midlife Awakening Specialist:” I help baby-boomers recover the authentic joy and meaningful vitality for the second half of life from the ashes of their midlife crisis

3. “Spiritual Guidance:” I help sincere seekers of truth successfully integrate their traditional teachings into their relationships, career and health areas of their lives

All 3 services of these services are available to individuals, couples and families.

Office Location:

I have 2 office locations:

One in Central Vancouver at Granville and Sixth Avenue:
#309 -1529 West 6 th Avenue]; &

One in Point Grey, Vancouver:
4423 West 3rd Avenue
[Accessible only from Trimble Avenue].

I also book telephone/iChat/Skype sessions with clients who live outside of the lower mainland Vancouver area.

Office Hours:

My office hours are 8:30 am – 6:30 pm Monday to Friday, with some earlier and later appointment times available.

Length of Sessions:

Generally, I meet with people according to their needs and their goals. We will decide together what works best for you and your schedule.

Initial sessions:

For Individual sessions, sessions are 50 minutes long but more time can be booked if that is preferred.

For Couples and Families, sessions are 100 minutes long.

In my experience, individual, couples and families will want to have an initial session to get a sense of compatibility with my particular approach, strategies and style before committing to a recommended transformational process of 5 – 10 sessions.

Follow-up sessions:

The length of therapy, coaching and counseling is individually specific and differs for each client, couple or family. Therapy length is usually determined by a multiplicity of factors, including the gravity of the problem, the degree of your challenges, contextual issues and the scope of your crisis.

Length is also determined by how much peace and wellness [joy, presence and fulfillment] you want in your life.

Block Sessions:

Block sessions are a series of extended sessions (3 + hours in length) that are booked over consecutive days in order to enable clients to do an in-depth amount of work in a concentrated time. You may wish to do block therapy with me if:You live outside Vancouver’s Lower Mainland or Canada or are visiting Vancouver and would like to get a large amount of work accomplished on your challenges or pattern in a limited time.

  • You live outside Vancouver’s Lower Mainland or Canada or are visiting Vancouver and would like to get a large amount of work accomplished on your challenges or pattern in a limited time.
  • You, or your relationship or family, are “in crisis” and you would like to create an intense focus on healing and transforming your present crisis immediately.
  • You want to “boost” your productivity in achieving your therapeutic goals. Time is important to you and you want to make significant changes now!

NOTE: I have a ten session pre-payment [with a 10 % discount] option recommended for clients who are wanting to commit to ongoing sessions.


I accept payment by cash, personalized checks, VISA or MC.

Call today for a free 15-minute consultation:

Call today [or email today] to set up a FREE 15-minute telephone consultation. We will discuss your challenges and concerns and explore how I can support you to resolve them.

Phone: 604-317-1613

Michael Talbot-Kelly, BPE, MH, MA, RCC, Wholistic Psychotherapist, serving Greater Vancouver Face-to-face sessions or throughout our “global village” through long distance telephone or iChat or Skype computer sessions.