Michael Talbot-Kelly, BPE, MH, MA, RCC
Wholistic Psychotherapist, Midlife Awakening Specialist & Spiritual Counselor

Over 25 years ago a few colleagues and I started the Spiritual Healing Center – a non-denominational, spiritual resource and educational center in Vancouver, BC – to respond and serve humanity through spiritual healing and counseling.

Although we were responding to the “AIDS Crisis” at the time in the beginning people with AIDS were treated as lepers and many died alone – we also provided an opportunity for anyone – despite religion, race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or “practice” – an opportunity to deepen their relationship with their “spiritual home,” their passion in relationships and their authentic lifetime purpose.

We provided this service by offering classes, healing sessions, and a variety of spiritual and educational resources.

This seminal training has evolved over the years into the 3 services I offer in my private practice: Wholistic Psychotherapy, Midlife Awakening Coaching, and Spiritual Counseling. Each service represents a specific “Village” need and a particular population that I have found, over the years, arriving on my doorstep for healing, awakening and transformation.

And it is my love of humanity combined with the joy I receive from this vocation that I offer to you who may want to rediscover, discover and learn for yourselves – through your life and your specific purpose-driven symptoms – about your true Home: where you find yourself belonging to one and many, fully engaged in harmoniously useful work while living from the ground of joy.

On top of the individual, group coaching and counseling services I offer on mind, body and soul healing, midlife awakening and spiritual counseling, I facilitate seminars, offer talks and provide ongoing courses on awakening passionate relationships, joyful health and well-being, and genuine prosperity.

I live in beautiful Vancouver, BC on the west coast of Canada in a beach house over looking the ocean and mountains. I am the proud father of 4 rascally teenage daughters and an advocate of Renaissance Beauty, drop-in ice hockey, whole-hearted design.

My mission is to be and model the full peace, joy and genuine  prosperity that I want to see in the world.

Because I believe that the most important task and story of our time requires a movement towards the evolution of community and “Village Intelligence,” my second, but no less important mission, is to foster awakening, wellness and lifestyle management wherever and whenever possible [See “The Water Center”].