Spiritual Counseling

You may have read all the right books, studied with great teachers, and have had a spiritual practice for years – and yet – a purpose-driven life of deep joy, relationship presence and genuine spiritual contribution continues to allude you.

You might even be a dedicated religious contemplative or a spiritual mystic, or a skillful meditator or yogi/yogini


You might just be an ordinary person on the spiritual path…

Whatever the case, you:

•            can’t understand why spiritual teachings make so much sense when you hear them, yet you can’t get them to translate into your everyday practical life

•            may be confused about money, prosperity and its relationship to spirituality, care of the soul or a religious life

•            may not know what to do with your strong feelings of anger, judgment and other compulsions because your tradition has no room for these so-called “non-spiritual” impulses, fears, fantasies

•            cannot find the time to “practice” what you know to be true for you so you feel guilty, left behind, like you are missing out on examining the deeper currents of life

•            have found priests, ministers and various teachers or guru’s seem authoritarian, defensive and sometimes deceptive – and you feel isolated, disconnected, alone

•            are concerned because your passion and interest in your practice, tradition or religious rituals has been waning – or is completely gone!

•            you may be noticing that the same “life teachings” repeatedly show up at your door and you find yourself wondering why is this old pattern is not going away

But what if all this confusion, doubt and other “dark night” experiences on the Great Mysterious path of life itself – were actually inviting you into a deeper, more intimate connection with your religion or spiritual tradition?

“Working with Michael is adding a guiding light to your journey.Your path is illuminated and the purpose of your soul becomes clearer with each step.”

DB, Marketer, Seattle, USA

Is it possible that the challenges you are experiencing on your spiritual path right now are exactly what you need to meet and transform?

“I learned so much … about how to recognize – and therefore be aware of – the crucial importance of balancing both the masculine [doing, goal-oriented, problem-solving energies] and the feminine [being, receiving, allowing energies] in one’s life and about the four pillars by which to live an authentic AND HEALTHY life.
I am using all of this in my daily life, and I am growing like morning glory at the bottom of the garden!
It is my (esteemed, of course) opinion that you, Sir, are a gifted and wonderful teacher, and I will continue to recommend you to anyone and everyone who will listen to me.
Thank you for all of your amazing and inspiring teachings. You are such a gift to this city and this World and I hope you know that.”

SW, Music Producer, Burnaby, BC

Can you imagine the peace and joy that you would experience knowing how wonderful it would be to:

•            be clear and accepting about your relationship with sex, power, money, desire, fears, doubt and the spiritual path

•            deliberately create your purpose-driven life of genuine depth, passion and authentic contribution that accurately reflects your spiritual values

•            stand in the river of your spiritual life, everyday, while feeling a deep unity and sense of belonging to one and many

•            be able to meet the mind, body and soul-directed resistances, ordeals and challenges that come your way and transform them into a richer more meaningful life of spiritual depth and compassion

•            transform your present relationship(s) into the deeper waters of spiritual intimacy, beauty and vital presence

•            experience in your outer ordinary life what you know to be true in your inner life of work, family and contribution

•            be fully living from the ground of joy, celebrating regularly your ordinary life with a spiritual community of like-minded individuals

•            know how to handle and transform strong so-called “non-spiritual” instincts, feelings and thoughts like fear, anger, and other compulsions

“Michael Talbot Kelly is a miracle! Dazzling in his ability to open the space wide, Michael listens and then connects your stories and dreams to ancient myths, so that you suddenly feel part of the ever transforming universe. He helps you realize the bigger picture with such positive energy, you literally see yourself in a new and greater light!”

Cathy Chilco, Producer, Vancouver, BC

Why Choose Me as Your Spiritual Counselor?

From the age of 13 years old I was drawn to the deeper waters of a spiritual life and service to humanity.

Much of this began as a result of my own personal challenges coming to Canada from Ireland and growing up in a large Irish Catholic family. The various wounds that were brought to my door over the years provided the manure to create a mature, thriving garden that creates much of the beauty that surrounds me in Vancouver, BC where I live.

“Michael Talbot Kelly is a therapist, healer, mentor and guiding force in my life. I first came to know Michael as a therapist. He was there when no one else was. I was at the end of my line and Michael gently picked me up and held me until I could see that my line was just beginning. He helped me, help myself. He reminded me of the simple tools of meditation, journal writing, and taking time, all of which allowed me to see that all the help I needed came from within me. He did this with the utmost care and great sense of humor. Indeed he did save my life and I am forever grateful to him. As a healer, he allowed me to heal myself and he was, and still is, there to remind and assist me when I forget.”

Brenda Kyle, Designer, Vancouver, BC

Over the last 25 plus years as a Spiritual Counselor, I have counseled thousands of people who were suffering from varying degrees of mind, body and soul despair and separation.

During this time I have come to see that it is through our humanity that we discover our divinity. In other words, by embracing and caring for our souls – our mind, body and soul wounds, moods, illnesses, relationships, culture, Earth – we restore and ground our divine original natures in this world.

My goal as your spiritual counselor is to help you transform your pain and struggles into creating a life rich with passion and joy and a sense of deep meaning and purpose

“Michael has helped me in ways that effected every aspect of my life. He has a gentle, open heart that allows me to be as I am. He knows intuitively to open space for transformation. He is deeply compassionate and caring. There is a kindness in Michael that heals. Michael truly ares about Humanity and I feel blessed that I have had opportunities to ask him for assistance. He has always been there for me.”

Jaya Friesen, Transformational Counsellor, Vancouver, BC

If you want to explore the profound mystery of your life and step into a deeper and more intimate river of your soul – consider your next steps:

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Michael Talbot Kelly provides Spiritual Guidance to those who are experiencing a spiritual or existential crisis or are struggling with meaning and feelings of disconnection. His Counseling office is located in Vancouver, BC. or throughout our “global village” through long distance telephone or iChat or Skype computer sessions.

“Thank you for being there for me, I really appreciate it and feel privileged to have met you. My new village is growing and these are exactly the people I would love to have as part of my new life and will be honored to call my friends. Thank you.”