Restoring Balance

At 47, Cheryl, was only now slowly recognizing that she was unhappy – in fact, empty – and her life was completely out of whack. Relations with her husband were strained or non-existent; she was bored and unhappy at work and her body was symptomatic and deteriorating.  She felt exhausted and overwhelmed and wondered how this had happened to her.

It seemed like yesterday that she had just got married, her teaching career was rewarding, meaningful, she was pregnant with her first child – and she was the epitome of health, happiness – and lots of great friends to prove it.

Now confusion replaced joy. Saggy energy, and dissatisfaction with her aging body was the norm.  She felt uninspired emotionally, intellectually and physically – each morning when she looked in the mirror. Her family had stopped eating meals together, the boys were hardly ever home any more.  Her husband worked late and was tired all the time and she was resentful and lonely leading her to retreat into watching too much television and drinking too much wine.

It was like she took her head out of the sand for the first time in 22 years and recognized that she was not at the centre of her own life.  The responsibilities and obligations of being a good wife and mother had caused her to lose sight of her own hopes and dreams. With an empty nest on the horizon and a marriage that was suffering from neglect, she knew she needed to make some changes.

Over the next 9 months, Cheryl made one important decision: I do not know how I am going to do it, but I am committing to re-imaging the second half of my life to include: living from an authentic ground of joy; cultivating a deeper, richer relationship with my husband – in fact, ALL relationships – and resurrecting and reshaping my career to include more passion, and a sense of purpose.

Cheryl made a commitment to make more time for herself. She started by taking up yoga twice a week.  This was an important first step that led to the rediscovery of her spiritual nature, and a greater sense of peace and stillness. She then started to make meditation a part of a daily practice.  In the beginning, she was able to sit for just 5 minutes in the morning and gradually, she was able to sit for up to half an hour.

After finding some stillness, her next step was recognizing she needed some help and support to change negative patterns and confront her issues with alcohol. In order to make lasting changes she needed to start with her relationship with herself and set some realistic goals.

Within a relatively short period of time, Cheryl began to notice areas of more balance and with that came more peace and energy.  Now, Cheryl is starting to meet all life’s new challenges with presence, and curiosity.

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