Renaissance Code Interview

Interviewer John: Why the Renaissance Code?

Michael Talbot Kelly: We are living in a fascinating age where individuals have access to material goods in shapes and forms that eclipse anything that was available at any other time in history. Science and Technology have provided us with comforts and electronic gadgetry that offer an endless variety of stimulation.  We have evolved a culture that enshrines the rights of all human beings, equality for men and women, regulated work hours, minimum wage, all the pieces are seemingly in place and one would expect that individuals living in our Western would be experiencing un paralleled sense of ease, satisfaction and levels of self worth.

Interviewer John: Happiness is abundant?

Michael Talbot Kelly: That is what one would expect, however the opposite is true! In spite of our rapid technological growth and material wealth we as a culture have higher and higher rates of suicides. We have become dependent on painkillers and antidepressants. More and more psychologists are needed to council individuals who are becoming disheartened and disenchanted in their efforts to find meaning, worth and happiness.

Interviewer John: How is this possible?

Michael Talbot Kelly: All the pieces are present but their present configuration is one dimensional. In humanity’s efforts to evolve we have created a culture that values quick fixes!  Its products are use once and throw away, and marketing trends becomes the sacred cow of our society. The resulting experience for many is clear: individuals feel empty because the investment on the superficial has sacrificed depth, richness and soul that adds meaning and worth to an individuals life.

Interviewer John: What are you hoping to change?

Michael Talbot Kelly: Well, there was a period in our history, as the
pendulum of evolution arced through time, in which individuals were immersed in life in such a way that produced some of the greatest works of art, literature and profound advances in science.  This was the Renaissance period that began in Florence, Italy and eventually spread through the rest of Europe over 500 years ago. It was a time when radical curiosity lead mankind in a quest for deep understanding of the fundamental qualities of nature. It was a time when the exploration of beauty through art, music and literature lead to deep richness and a profound sense of awe and meaning in life. It was a time in which the cultivation of the arts created in themselve¹s deep windows into the understanding of self and soul. Contemplation on the mysteries in ones inner world manifested externally through the creation of magnificent architecture, paintings, poetry that would be breathtakingly beautiful.  There was a mysterious presence impregnated in these rich expressions of life itself.

These external manifestations of beauty stimulated an even deeper passion that brought forth even more bountiful works of art and science. It was generative in other words, self-sustaining and self propagating. This, in turn, created an even deeper intimacy with the interconnectedness of inner and outer life: science, art, music, alchemy, beauty, nature, soul and spirit had been mysteriously unlocked. This opened the ancient vaults to what Gary Snyder calls the River of Sanity: An ancient spiritual force that emerges from the deepest sea of our humanity.

Interviewer John: What is different today?

Michael Talbot Kelly: Unfortunately as the pendulum of time continued to arc through to the present, humanity, soul, spirit, and beauty all become dwarfed by scientific determinism. The effort of the human mind to pull nature apart without the balancing and rhythmic cycles of heart, soul, and context resulted in great technological achievements but a fragmented human soul.

Through my own research and exploration over the past 25 years of the human condition and studies with psychologists, story tellers, Teachers, mythologists, artists, doctors, poets, scientists, shamens, art therapists and healers such as Elman, Thomas Moore,  Sobonfu Some, Robert Bly, Marion Woodman, Ken Wilber, Gangaji, Marsilio Ficino, Jaia Friesen, Botticelli, Anne Baring, Dante, Eckart Tolle, Heather Dawson and Michael Meade I have been witness to the presence of this underground current running throughout history that includes the whole of life itself.

We believe that at this moment in history there is a re-emergence of this river, much the same as during the European Renaissance the artists and scientists, the architects and astronomers, the alchemists and poets attempted to illuminate this emerging river of wholeness through The Beautiful, contemplation and silence, that, in turn, facilitated a profoundly rich and intimate relationship with life itself.

This steady and constant river does not contradict scientific determinism, economic imperatives or progress itself but paradoxically compliments it and offers a profoundly wider and deeper reality one that we can activate, engage and participate in through re-animating these ancient and hidden codes.

Interviewer John: What makes this different?

Michael Talbot Kelly: It is simple: the river of wholeness in each of us is the same river of wholeness in the world.
We have come to recognized that these key activating principles awaken the inherent wellspring of this river of human generativity, creativity and abundance of love to flow freely back into one¹s life.

These activating principles are Beauty, Intimacy and Contemplation.

What we have found through this work is that instead of focusing on our current tendency of modern therapies to simply problem solve dysfunctions, illnesses and stuck-nesses, we have discovered that by helping clients explore and deepen their relationships with the activating principles of Beauty (their particular passions), Intimacy (their deep relationship to these passions) and Contemplation (their practices of silence) within their ordinary and everyday lives a whole new phenomena unfolds. Contexts and relationships become relevant and considered. Clients discover a whole new hidden set of resources within themselves that when unleashed, a new level of self-awareness, depth and fulfillment manifests. Our tendency to focus primarily on deconstructing the ³problem² which can be useful to a degree – becomes complimented as these new forces and passions begin to seep into and enrich client¹s lives, their relationships, and work.

The complimentary concepts of feminine and masculine energies, soul and spirit, shadow and light, form and essence now supported and held together as they are in nature itself – are released from the crypt of material and technological consumerism and a breadth of meaning, rhythm and self worth begin to once again enrich the very landscape of client¹s lives.

Interviewer John: It seems as though this code is quite unique.

Michael Talbot Kelly: Yes, and there seems to be at least three approaches to this code, this tradition. On channel one, the art of the Renaissance period is approached and appreciated for its magnificence, its brilliance, its beauty. On channel two, perhaps a little deeper, this beauty inspires you to engage in the art-making to compliment and balance your life. On channel three, this mysterious code draws you into the an ancient spiritual path of alchemy that can lead to the transfiguration of lead (suffering) into gold (the sacred marriage or a full awakening to the presence of this ancient river or the Now).

It really depends on how far down the rabbit hole you want to journey.

And, miraculously, those problems or challenges that are not transmuted into an abundance of joy in ones life, simply leave, since your attention is now on the ground swell of this ancient and whole river that is gradually emerging, bubbling up into the consciousness, re-animating the body, re-imagining relationship¹s, re-valuing neglected resources, re-designing architecture and space, re-shaping art, music, poetry and therefore, the community itself.

Our sense is that this is exactly what happened during the time of the Renaissance.

Interviewer John: Michael Talbot Kelly recognizes that these powerful forces of creativity, abundance and love are inherent in all individuals and the world at large and has initiated the Renaissance Code Project. He distilled through his inquiry into the Renaissance movement that three key principles were at play. Those being a deep immersion into the celebration of Beauty (The Beautiful), an embracing of a practice of Contemplation (Silence) and a whole hearted surrender to the journey of Intimacy (The Mysterious Depths) within and around oneself.

The reactivation of this Code of Beauty, Contemplation and Intimacy in oneself releases the deep ocean of vitality, soul and richness from the depths that spills naturally into ones life.

Interviewer John: Michael now offers the rediscovery of these ancient pathways and transforms them into new beginnings through his individual coaching sessions, Renaissance Code study groups, lectures and weekend Renaissance Code seminars.

We look forward to your exploration of these ideas in your life and your participation in the individual or group programs the Michael has to offer.

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