How I Work

I explain how I work in each of the following categories:

Midlife Awakening Services

Spiritual Guidance

Wholistic Psychotherapy

Midlife Awakening Coaching

Midlife: The territory of genuine prosperity, passionate relationships and joy

In midlife [somewhere between 30 and 60 years of age] your soul’s purpose comes knocking on your door – usually, but not always, through a midlife “crisis” – insisting on genuine prosperity, passionate relationships and joyful wellbeing.

And to the degree that you do not have these qualities of a joyful and meaningful first “half” of life, your life is turned upside down.

Typically, and very naturally, your soul inquires after some of life’s deeper questions now:

Is this all that life is really about?

Who am I?

And what is it I really, really want out life?

These questions are explored and clarified throughout a 5 step “art and science” creative process:

The first step is containing the crisis at midlife – whether in the career, health or relationship channels.

The second step is understanding that everyone has a purpose, a gift, a vocation and in the second “half” of life we have a responsibility to truly live out the passionate vitality of this contribution and purpose.

The third step is to begin the process of articulating the meaningful vision of this purpose-driven life, in all its facets, qualities, textures but especially in the career, health and relationship channels of ones life.

The fourth step of the work is learning specific strategies to attract, create and implement this new vision as the main focus in ones life while adjusting to the necessary changes and integrations that are required to live with genuine prosperity, passion and joy.

The last step is to create sustainable practices for this best life that deliberately animates and creates a territory and river of joy that spills into every aspect of your life in a ongoing way.

“At 40, I was trying to make decisions.  Where was my life going?  What do I want?  What will I be doing when my children grow up and move on with their lives?  I was feeling good about my relationship with my husband, my children and my choice of friends, but something was missing.

I had spent many years getting over life circumstances and needed a new direction.  Michael had helped me in my early thirties through my post partum depression and the loss of my brother due to a life threatening illness.  It was a very dark time.  Based on the light that he shone on my life through that time, I knew he was the person I wanted to help guide me.  My confidence was low, I was used to being alone, and I often questioned what my purpose was.

Michael sat with me and guided me through my thoughts, my excitement, and whatever I was tripping over.  We laughed along the way and he encouraged me to organize my dreams and focus on the direction I want for my life.  The discussions I had with Michael were all about me.  Not the kids, not my husband,

but me!

Who knew? I was still there, alive and well.

Michael has a way of drawing out all the stuff (?!), good and bad and helping you sort it out.  He has a kind and gentle nature and allows you to express yourself and dig deep.  He reminded me I am validated to express myself, live my life, have my own opinion and stand up for what I believe is the best life possible.

Now I know I definitely have something to “bring to the village.  Michael – you’re fabulous!  Thank you.”

JL, 40, Green Designer, Vancouver, Canada

Spiritual Counseling

“When we are in alignment and within the territory of our Original Natures, we feel a movement, a joy, like a river moving in us…” MTK

My spiritual counseling work began in 1983 when a small group of friends and I bought and opened theSpiritual Healing Center, a non-denominational spiritual resource center that provided spiritual counsel, meditation and contemplative classes to folks from all spiritual traditions and religions who wanted to live full and authentic lives of meaning and joy.

We also responded to the AIDS crisis and helped people die consciously and also for folks who were dying of AIDS.

As a spiritual guide over these past 25 years,

I have learned that the health and vitality of our inner life – and the challenges and initiations that come with it – can be seen and measured simply by the distance we travel form our “home” [our heart area]: if we go out beyond our frontier lines of our own knowing, we loose our sustenance, our nourishment and our vision for our lives.

And our bodies natural instincts and feelings inform us when we have gone too far. Our inner nourishment is gone. We feel parched, empty, alone.

When we are in alignment and within the territory of our Original Natures, we feel a movement, a joy, like a river moving in us – guiding us back to the ocean of our authentic life, our fulfillment, our joy.

Since “your outer life is a reflection of your inner life” I initially do a comprehensive assessment of your outer life first. This 360 degree panoramic view of the external context of your life gives me an overall global picture of what is being reflected in your mind, body and soul.

We also get a birds eye view of our symptoms, relationship challenges, career transitions, spiritual history, relationship with money, practices and experiences with teachers, mentors as well as your chief complaint(s).

From here we collaborate and create a Spiritual Life Plan to come back into alignment with your home, your eternal vision of sustenance and joy.

We then set clear intentions, priorities and settle in to meeting regularly to re-imagine and re-shape your spiritual life from the inside out.

We intentionally ally with the ultimate and greatest spiritual teacher for each of us – Life itself – to help guide us back home to what is real, relevant in your life.

In other words, the light and direction on this initiatory path will be provided by your inner and outer reflections and experiences from your ordinary daily life.

From here it is simple a matter of following the golden threads from your life home toward your accurate vision of sacredness, liberation and belonging that you have consciously defined.

Wholistic Psychotherapy

All symptoms are purpose-driven.

Until you understand their purpose(s), symptoms remain active, a mystery.

I work from a wholistic perspective. What this means is that we sit down and discuss the whole context of your life – everything from your health to relationships to career.

Then through examining all of these different parts of your life – including the accurate mind, body and soul symptoms – the secret purposes of your symptoms begin to reveal themselves.

And when we take a closer look at all these different aspects of your life, the big picture begins to emerge for us. From here, we will focus on the accurate details that we have prioritized, that will make a difference.

Once you understand that your symptoms are not random but are purposeful, you are then empowered to align yourself with these deeper purposes and make healthy choices for your recovery.

And the transformation of your symptomatic life into a rich and meaningful life is natural, inevitable.

This process of wholistic healing is New Medicine

“When I first came to see Michael my life was falling apart, nothing made sense and almost every aspect of my life came to a stand still.

My experience with Michael was profound and life changing.

His sensitivity and ability to clearly define and deliver his depth of knowledge is extraordinary.

Michael’s ability to deliver complex ideas and demonstrate how to implement them in day to day life is brilliant!

Michael’s methodologies, vast knowledge and experience are married with real life experience which is invaluable.

If you follow the process with an open mind and the will to tap into new territory – you will be rewarded.

He is a gifted mentor on the journey of life.

MTK has a gift and if you reach out for his help you’ll be forever grateful.”

EA, Business Executive, Israel.